2x200 ultra challenge is a BIG SMILE CYCLING event organised by dubraquet Sàrl, a company
active in the field of cycling since 2020.

Different events are proposed during the summer season by BIG SMILE, the most important being the 2x200 ultra challenge, an event which aims to open the doors to ultra cycling. Through this, we also want to create cohesion between cyclists and emulation around Swiss cycling.

The Big Smile Cycling team behind the 2x200 Ultra Challenge is made up of 15 volunteers and 5 professionals. It takes 11 months of work to create each edition. Hard work that is rewarded every year by your smiles at the finish! This event does not generate profits. We simply want to share our passion and develop cycling in Switzerland, particularly women's cycling. Would you like to become a partner of our event or offer us your support? Get in touch with us!