ONE OF THE BEST ROUTES ACROSS SWITZERLAND... quite challenging, but magnificent !

What to expect ? Ultra cycling in a cool, accessible and supervised version.

But what else ? An event on a human scale that will give you a new experience and intense emotions!

And to go where ? To go on an adventure and discover a dream route that is renewed at each edition!

Are you still hesitating ? Sharing this adventure with friends can help!

Discover the official poster

(Picture credit: aswisswithapulse)


The route will be announced 72 hours before the start. The GPX track that we will send you will guide you on the fixed, unmarked route. Don't be afraid, a GPS beacon will allow us to assist you if you start off on the wrong foot.

In short :

  • 400 km on paved roads in one loop, with a choice of two routes.
  • 32 hours to complete this memorable challenge
  • 6050 m to climb on the "soft" route
  • 7200 m to climb on the "hard" route
  • Start and finish in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland

The start is given at 8.30 am in rolling start and free order.



200, an emblematic distance in the world of cycling. So why not try your hand at a 2x200? Yes, 2x200 is still 400, but our aim is to encourage participants to divide this marvellous challenge into two 200km phases for 2x the fun. Our event isn't about setting records, or going beyond the limits of the human body. Our aim is to offer a challenge that remains accessible and allows participants to experience the world of long-distance cycling, the famous "ride far", in a reasonable and supervised way. Live this experience at your own pace, without the pressure of a time trial. Solo or with friends, the choice is yours!